Why Tails of the City?

Here at Tails of the City Dog Salon our number one priority is the health and safety of your pet. With over 40 years combined experience you can be assured that your pet is safe in our hands.

We use the highest quality products and spend the time necessary with each pet to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable spa day!

Same Day Appointments Available


// Amenities

Full bath includes a sudsy cleaning from behind the ears to under the nails.

For á la carte options, choose from de-shedding, de-matting, nail dremel, clipping, trimming or filing, teeth brushing, facial, nose and paw lotion, flea bath, and shampoo upgrade.

// Rates

Prices vary, and depend on the size, breed, and condition of your pet. Please contact us to set up a grooming consultation, or stop by and meet with one of our groomers. We usually have your pet for 2-3 hours or less. We will call you the minute he or she is ready.

Starting Rates per Service

Small Pet Full Bath (up to 15 lbs): $25-30
Medium Pet Full Bath (16-40 lbs): $30-45
Large Pet Full Bath (40 lbs+): $45-65+
De-Matting: $2.00 per min
Nail Clipping: $15.00
Nail Dremel: $20.00
Teeth Brushing: $8.00
Anal Gland Expression: $10.00


I just went to Tails of the City...

“...and had my mastiff's nails cut. Tinamarie and her associate were absolutely excellent with my pup!!!! They were sensitive and compassionate to my dogs nervousness, thank you ladies again!!!!”

— C.B.

I love this place!

"We have a very large-100 pound German shepherd/ husky mix that sheds bad and loves to run in the backyard! He always comes in dirty and nasty smelling and needs a bath constantly! I had taken him to petsmart which cost me an arm and a leg just to bath him and he smelled after a week! I love that I can bring him here and wash him and dry him myself at a very awesome price! They even sprayed him with "man smell" just to add to the already clean smell radiating off of him. The staff is awesome and definitely helpful and they didn't make me feel bad for bringing in my very excited and whiny large baby! I will be taking him here every time he needs a bath!"

— T.H.

Took my boys to get groomed...

“...and they were able to get me in on the same day appointment they also made my boys come out looking like a million bucks I will be bringing my business there on a regular basis thanks so much.”

— D.H.