Why Tails of the City?

Here at Tails of the City Dog Salon our number one priority is the health and safety of your pet. With over 40 years combined experience you can be assured that your pet is safe in our hands.

We use the highest quality products and spend the time necessary with each pet to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable spa day!

Same Day Appointments Available 


// Amenities

Cat grooming includes bath, brush, cut and/or shave, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal expression. Cologne, bandanas or bows may be requested at no charge.

// Rates

Prices vary for full grooms, and depend on the hair length of your cat, plus services desired. Please contact us to set up a grooming consultation, or stop by and meet with one of our groomers. We usually have your pet for 2-3 hours or less. We will call you the minute he or she is ready and we need you to pick them up within 30 minutes of the call.

Starting Rates per Hair Length and Service

Short hair bath, brush and nail trim: $55
Long hair bath, brush and nail trim: $75
Bath, shave and nail trim: $85
Shave and nail trim: $75
Nail trim á la carte: $15


The salon is very reliable, the staff is helpful and personable.

“My Jampa looks lovely after her beauty day and most importantly she had a positive experience! As we had several negative experiences with groomers in the past I'm very happy that we found the right place. I strongly recommend the salon!!”

— A.V.J

I had a HORRIBLE experience at PetSmart...

“...where they were unable to shampoo my new cat that had been at the shelter for 5 mos because he was "too ancy." And further advised me to buy "moist wipes instead.." Being the upkeep of the shelter is not the cleanest, NOT being shampooed was NOT an option in my home.Tails of the City was able to fit us in their schedule as an emergency RIGHT AWAY, so we left PetDumb and whatya know, Tails shampooed my fluffball JUST FINE! He smells good, looks good, and came home HAPPY! We will definitely be going back to Tails of the City!!!”

— L.L.W.

Tinamarie does an amazing job on my girls!

“They look gorgeous and I can tell they feel it too. She was even able to keep my girlies long lashes! Thank you Tina Marie!!!”

— J.L.M.