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We Can't Wait to Meet You!

Please allow for up to 12 hours to respond to your request. All appointments must be confirmed by the salon. For faster service, please call (707) 446-7220.

If requesting one of these services please mention at the time of booking for a dedicated appointment:

Zoom Groom-moves you to the front of the line, no waiting, no kenneling.

Zen Pet- for the anxiety ridden or aggressive pet that must be done straight through and can’t wait.

Medi-Spa- for the elderly pet or with health conditions that require special one on one attention and an expedited appointment to reduce stress.

All of these are available as a $20 upgrade to any of our packages.


Request an Appointment

We will contact you to confirm or adjust your requested appointment time to what is available within the next 24 hours.

02:30 PM

Thanks for submitting this request. We will call you shortly to get you formally booked.

In the event you need to book an appointment during off-peak hours, off-peak rates may apply.

Off Peak Hours:
Before 8:00am
After 4:00pm

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